Make Our Heritage a Part of Your Own Legacy

The E&O Group is constantly on the look-out for qualified and dynamic individuals to grow with us. We welcome enquiries from anyone who possesses relevant experience, shares the E&O work ethic, and desires to be an asset to the E&O Group.

Our Team

The E&O Group's achievements are realised through our highly dedicated and passionate team of people who believe and share our corporate vision.

In recognition of this, opportunities are continuously presented for our employees to realise their full potential and excel in their core responsibilities. We constantly encourage resourcefulness, innovation, versatility and resilience in a rapidly changing business environment.

Staff benefits

We offer a conducive work environment and competitive compensation and benefits. Recognition for excellence, diligence and contributions has proved to increase responsibility and performance. This, in turn, increases efficiency and the intrinsic value of the company.


We are committed to make employees' general health and well-being a priority by providing medical and hospitalisation benefits, as well as Group Personal Accident insurance to cover for any unfortunate eventuality.

Training and Development

We actively provide learning opportunities for personal as well as professional development. Various training programs are organised throughout the year to meet the training and developmental needs of our staff.